Wheel parameters explained

Wheel diameter

A - Wheel diameter – the diameter of the wheel measured in inches

Wheel width

B - Wheel width - the distance between the protective flanges, measured in inches.

4 lugs

4 lugs

5 lugs

5 lugs

6 lugs

6 lugs

PCD This parameter specifies two values. The first one is the number of bolt holes (depending on the design of the hub on the car), the second one being the diameter of the imaginary circle passing through the centres of the holes (expressed in millimetres). A 5x100 spacing mean that the hub features 5 bolt holes, which form a circle having a diameter of 100 mm.

Central bore

Central bore Enables the rim to be centred on the hub of the car. The diameter of the centre bore is specified in millimetres.

Offset the distance of the mounting plane of the rim from its axis of symmetry, measured in millimetres


Technical parameters of a sample wheel:

  • 6.00 – width of the rim given in inches
  • 15 – diameter of the rim given in inches
  • 5 – number of bolt holes
  • 112 – diameter of the circle on which the bolt holes are located
  • ET45 – offset of the rim
  • CH 57,10 – diameter of central bore

Where can one find the rim size?

Size on wheel

On the wheel

Size in the vehicle manual

In the vehicle manual

If you are unable to specify the right characteristics of a rim for your car, check out the wheel selection configurator.