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Michelin PILOT ROAD2

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£ / pc. 74
Rating: Worth recommending 111140 62 reviews

Michelin PILOT ROAD2 features

Winner of all comparison tests carried out by Moto Revue and Motorrad since its launch in 2007. Durability, grip and handling universally acclaimed by bikers. * Touring A dual-compound sport-touring tyre acclaimed by independent tests MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 has won all the comparison tests carried out by Moto Revue and Motorrad since its launch and was voted 2009's best motorcycle tyre by readers of RIDE magazine. It offers unbeatable cornering grip in the wet and lasts longer1 thanks to MICHELIN's racing-bred 2CT dual-compound technology. Product Benefits: * Two Compound Technology * 100% silica tread compound * A full range of Sport Touring Radial fitments 2CT - Two Compound Technology MICHELIN 2CT dual-compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the centre of the tread, and grip on the shoulders. Until now, you had to make a choice: the grip of a softer tire - or the durability of a harder tire? But thanks to Michelin 2CT dual-compound technology, MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 2 tires offer both grip and durability in one tire. By integrating a soft rubber compound on the tread shoulders with a wear-resistant compound down the middle, Michelin gives you the best of both worlds. The Pilot® Road 2 tire is like two tires in one. Best combination of wet grip and tread life of any comparable tire, confirmed in independent testing* Rider confidence in challenging conditions 12 sizes covering 94% of all sport touring radial fitments The only dual-compound tire in the sport touring segment Innovative front and rear tread designs Winner, 2009 Motorrad and Moto Revue sport touring tire tests 180/55 ZR 17 rear also available in a 'B' version, specifically designed for loaded sport touring or riding two-up.

Michelin PILOT ROAD2 reviews

Summary: 4.4 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 62 reviews

worth recommending
  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on motorcycle running costs. 111500 3.5
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 111150 4.5
  • Handling: Influence of the tyre on the handling and stability of the motorcycle. 111600 3.6

62 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 33 people
  • 4 28 people
  • 3 0 people
  • 2 1 people
  • 1 0 people

100% of users recommend this tyre


The highest rated parameter is: terrain qualities.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

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  • Paul

    Size: 160/60Z R17

    Rating: 5.0 11111
    SV 650. Have done 4 track days on these tyres. Moved from novice to intermediate. Totally happy and confident with these tyres. Scraped both footrests repeatedly in tight stuff and moderate lean angles in faster corners. Tyres have not apparently reached they're limit of edge grip, no slips or movement in tyre worthy of making hair on back of neck stand up. Still have enough tread for estimate 2 further days on track, more on the rear. Obviously there will be better track tyres out there, but for a road tyre to take to the track for novice to intermediate level riding, these are great. (Ask tyre reps, instructors at track for pressures, lower than road) Also: on a drizzly morning at Cadwell Park these tyres were fine for the sighting laps while track tyre shod bikes struggled to get round.

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  • John Doe

    Size: 120/70Z R17

    Rating: 4.7 111170
    My previous one was the bikes original, essentially a street pilot with single compound and I was quite happy with it/them. After scrubbing this I found myself on the Snake Pass in the wet and riding my usual dry ride with no loss of grip and it increased my confidence in the wet. I have since felt it slip once when banking. You have to keep in mind that performance of any tyre will degrade over time as the tread wears down with reduced ability to expel water and sips will distort less so it will take longer to get to temperature. The tyre is evenly balanced so doesn't have a red dot to align at the valve position.

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  • Pete

    Size: 150/70Z R17

    Rating: 4.9 111190
    Bought to replace the same which had served over 15000 miles on the rear of a GSX600F as part of a matched pair. Never found them wanting in any respect whatsoever and the life is outstanding. Granted, I'm not a knee down merchant and they've done many motorway and dual carriageway miles, so nicely squared off, but this rear wasn't quite worn down to the tread indicators after at least 15000 miles. By comparison I get 11-12000 miles from a BT45 rear on an NTV650 doing the same journeys. Thought it was so good I simply replaced it with the same. Those Pilot Road 3 and 4's just look a bit too racey for my liking

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  • John Doe

    Size: 160/60Z R17

    Rating: 4.7 111170
    My previous one was the bikes original, essentially a street pilot with single compound and I was quite happy with it/them. The first thing I noticed was how the bike suddenly felt like it was balanced on a penny..this did surprise me as although the old one had a flat center I wasn't expecting to notice a difference in profile. I think I've slipped once on a manhole cover in the wet during a lean. Hard to fault this tyre's performance other than that the tread gradually wears away rather than lasts forever as I would be happy to stick with these.

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  • Oobers

    Size: 180/55Z R17

    Rating: 4.0 11110
    Tried pilot road 3 and 4 but wore out in no time and moved around a lot during flat out riding. They looked like I'd been on track days! Went back to 2's - Less movement, much more stable, better wear rates! Cheaper too. Just hope they keep making them. Ex Club Racer on a Tuono r Only ride for fun with much faster bikes so flat out nearly everywhere. Oh and virtually all of my riding is in mid Wales

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
120/70Z R17 58 W £ 74 Buy
150/70Z R17 69 W £ 88 Buy
160/60Z R17 69 W £ 93 Buy
180/55Z R17 73 W £ 96 Buy
190/50Z R17 73 W £ 97 Buy

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