How can you check your tyre age?

The information about a tyre age is given on the sidewall.It is coded in the number beginning with DOT (Department of Transport).The last four digits in the DOT number denote the week and year of production.

3608 means a tyre manufactured in the 36th week of 2008.

If the code at the end has only three digits, it means that the tyre was manufactured before 2000, e.g.529 means a tyre manufactured in the 52nd week of 1999.


DOT informs us about tyre age.

What is the safe tyre age?

With proper maintenance and storage, most road tyres may be used for 5 to 8 years.

When can a tyre be considered in perfect condition?

In terms of selling and buying new tyres, only tyres no older than 36 months from the date of production may be considered to be in perfect condition so, older tyres shouldn’t be sold. You also shouldn’t use tyres which are older than 10 years even if they are not worn.