Economy tyres continually tempt drivers with their affordable prices, not always matched by actual quality. This is especially true of the less well-known brands. This does not mean, however, that models from the lowest price segment are not an interesting alternative to more expensive sets from the middle or premium class. However, it is worth trusting the proven manufacturers, whose products are used by drivers on a daily basis. Find the tyres recommended by our customers in our ranking!

Economy tyres are primarily recommended for quieter driving and moderate climates.The number of models available on the market can be a real shopping frenzy, especially if we want to choose economical tyres, which in addition to an attractive price will also offer satisfactory performance. The budget segment abounds in really many brands, more or less known, and for the unfamiliar driver all the products they offer may seem very similar. No wonder, it is usually the nuances such as the optimisation of the tread pattern and the choice of rubber compound that determine the performance of a tyre.

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With these dilemmas in mind, we have created our ranking of the best budget summer tyres. We've drawn on feedback from our customers who use these models on a daily basis. Find out which ones deserve a mention.

The best economic tyres 2021 according to our customers:

ModelAverage score
Dębica Presto HP5,35
Firemax FM6015,35
Dębica Presto HP25,30
Zeetex ZT10005,25
Laufenn S Fit EQ5,20

* Only tyres that have received a certain number of ratings between 01/01/2020 and 31/12/2020 are taken into account for this ranking. The averaged rating only takes into account reviews from the above period, the data may not coincide with those currently visible on our website. Ratings are given on the basis of customer questionnaires, in which customers rate the tyre on a scale of 1 to 6 (with 6.0 being the highest possible score).

Dębica Presto HP

The highest rated tyre by our customers was the Polish brand Debica Presto HP. Despite several good seasons since its debut on the automotive market, the model continues to attract new drivers by offering stable performance and durability. These are primarily due to solid workmanship and quality raw materials, which the brand's reputation itself attests to.

Presto HP is especially suited to drivers who enjoy dynamic driving at higher speeds. Hence the name HP (High Performance).

The directional tread with its wide, extended centre zone helps you maintain grip during sharper manoeuvres, while always offering an optimal area of contact with the road. Wavy circumferential channels channel water well, so you don't have to worry about losing control in rainy conditions.

Dębica Presto HP 2

We decided to include both generations of Presto HP in the ranking due to the similar ratings given by our customers.

The second iteration of this popular model ranked on the lowest step of the podium. Its design again primarily develops elements related to grip at higher speeds and a more dynamic driving style.

This time it is an asymmetrical tread with two different pattern zones:

  • The first has massive blocks with a wide contact area, which are responsible for driving stability and adequate rigidity at high temperatures,
  • The second, more expansive section, is designed to cope with responding to water on wet surfaces, protecting against aquaplaning.

Both tyres in the Presto HP range represent an ideal compromise between quality, including the technologies and materials used, and price. A great solution for drivers looking for economical models with more sporty characteristics. The American company Goodyear, which has been providing technological and distribution support for the Polish brand for many years, certainly has a significant share in Debica's success.

Firemax FM601

The Firemax FM601 is a tyre that proves that Far Eastern products from lesser-known brands should not always be shunned. Our customers give it high ratings, appreciating above all the price/performance ratio, but also the balanced performance.

In second place, the FM601 exploits the full potential of its asymmetrical tread and numerous sipes, making for a comfortable and safe ride with varying dynamics.

The key here is to combine the tyres' stable cornering behaviour, for which the shoulders are responsible, with straight-ahead grip, aided by the two central ribs. The result is that you are in control, no matter where the road takes you.

Zeetex ZT1000

Just behind the podium of our list was a model very popular among our customers - namely Zeetex ZT1000.

Drivers above all pay attention to the running culture of these tyres. Despite its economical roots, the ZT1000 rolls quietly without generating excessive driving noise. This is extremely important for travelling comfort, after all, constant noise in the cabin can spoil any car trip. But the advantages don't stop there.

The manufacturer from the United Arab Emirates has not forgotten about the handling characteristics either. For this reason, the tyre has been equipped with a modern asymmetrical tread, which ensures that the car will behave steadily, whatever the conditions on the road. You'll appreciate it especially on wet roads: at first glance, you'll notice the wide grooves that evacuate water and debris, preventing many an uncontrolled skid.

Zeetex as a brand tries to balance a low price with modern technological solutions, taken from models from higher classes. This is why it is so readily chosen by drivers with a limited budget, looking for good performance in the summer season.

Laufenn S Fit EQ

The last place in the ranking was taken by a model from a manufacturer that has been present on the world markets for a relatively short time. The Laufenn brand, however, has a rich technological background, as well as design support from one of the iconic companies for the industry - the South Korean corporation Hankook Tire.

The Laufenn S Fit EQ is for drivers looking for a versatile tyre to suit all driving styles. It's a great choice in the economy segment, both for moderate driving and for those who prefer to drive more dynamically. It is all down to the asymmetric tread pattern, which on the one hand provides stability and control at high speeds, and on the other ensures adequate water drainage and reduced rolling resistance.

The Laufenn S Fit EQ is the tyre for everyday driving in a wide range of conditions. A worthwhile investment that will pay off over its entire lifespan.

Opony klasy ekonomicznej cieszą się dużym zainteresowaniem kierowców.Economy tyres are very popular with drivers.

What should I look for in an economy class summer tyre?

The summer season is a period of higher temperatures, but also of frequent and unpredictable rainfall. For this reason, the right tyres for this period should primarily feature a tread that can disperse water. Asymmetric and directional designs that adapt smoothly to the driver's preferred driving style are best for cars.

Summer treads also tend to have a less complex pattern than winter treads. The individual blocks are more solid, and there are fewer sipes and edges. All of this is done to increase the area of contact between the tyre and the road, which is key to maintaining grip - especially during more dynamic driving.

A very important element of any tyre is the rubber compound, i.e. the material from which it is made. In summer tyres, it is primarily responsible for the stiffness and durability - essential for tyres used in high temperatures.