Annual breakdowns of the best models according to our users are a great opportunity to learn more about the tyres in a given size. We have compiled a ranking of five best size 195/65 R15 models based on thousands of opinions and countless kilometres covered by the drivers. See the favourite models of Oponeo clients and check which tyres are worth considering in the 2019 summer season. 

Ford Focus is one of the cars supplied with 195/65 R15 tyres
Ford Focus is one of the cars supplied with 195/65 R15 tyres.


Here are five size 195/65 R15 models which, according to our users, are the best in summer conditions. This size is most frequently used in the following car models: Volkswagen Passat, Opel Astra, Renault Megane, Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia and Kia Cee’d.


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Ranking of size 195/65 R15 summer tyres according to OPONEO users*


1. Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance (average rating 4.5)

2. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 (average rating 4.5)

3. Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse (average rating 4.45)

4. Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (average rating 4.45)

5. Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde (average rating 4.45)

situation in March 2019

* the ratings concern the presented tyre size while the overall assessment of the given model may be different. Grading scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating. If the average rating is the same, the number of opinions prevails.


1. Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance – the American dream for daily use

Ever since its launch, the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyre has been highly esteemed by drivers and experts worldwide. This is due to the high quality of manufacture and the use of pioneering technologies developed by the American premium class manufacturer’s experts.

The effort made during the design has made the model an indispensable companion of summer journeys for many road users. The WearControl technology used in the tyre provides a perfect balance between adhesion and rolling resistance. This guarantees an exceptionally long and very safe use. The original Fuel Saving solution limits energy waste, reducing fuel consumption as well as noise generated by the wheels.


Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance


According to many of our users, Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance is one of the best summer tyres:

  • “I had considered different tyres before I bought this model - both cheaper and more expensive ones. Now I know it was a good choice. The tyre sticks well to the road, both to dry and wet surfaces, with dynamic swerves having no negative impact on the comfort of driving. I was very positively surprised by the noise level - the tyres are inaudible up to 120 km/h while at 140/150km/h the noise is still acceptable - compared to the winter type, it is approximately half of the scale... The fuel consumption rate is also amazing with these tyres, especially when the car is fully packed and I go on a longer journey, this is when low rolling resistance is the most noticeable. Once you have “rocked” your ride, it does not need much fuel to maintain a roughly steady speed... If you drive a lot - spare no expense on good tyres. Savings can be costly, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone”. (Peter)

  • "I had been looking for good tyres for a long time - tyres I could rely on in any condition... especially in the rain. I had used various brands but those which handled wet surfaces well were usually louder/ consumed more fuel, etc.... and, of course, they cost a fortune. I had been searching and searching until I came across good tyres on I think those are the best and I honestly recommend them. The tyres are very quiet, they handle wet surfaces perfectly and, in addition, have reduced my fuel consumption rate. And they are very affordable! R E C O M M E N D E D ! ! !" (Tommy)

2. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

The flagship tyre of the German concern, intended for higher class cars, has invariably been among the leaders of size 195/65 R15 tyres. The secret of its exceptional parameters lies with innovative tread structure. Specially prepared 3D edges optimise the braking distance in summer conditions, while also ensuring safe driving.

The clients have also appreciated its properties connected with fast driving. This was achieved thanks to elaborated macro-blocks, which increase the tread’s stiffness. Thanks to a modern mix, Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is not only safe and efficient, but also environmentally-friendly. The composition ensures lower carbon dioxide emissions.


Continental ContiPremiumContact 5


The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 model ranked among the leaders of our breakdown once again. Its position is due to exceptionally high ratings given by satisfied drivers:

  • "Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is the first set of this company which I have used. Before that, I had used tyres bought by my parents. When I became a car owner myself, I decided to buy Continental tyres because of very good reviews. Briefly speaking: I was not disappointed! Ever since the first kilometre I drove, I knew I hit the jackpot. I have always been satisfied with them and I would never say a bad word about them. Seriously! What is more, I know that in this or the next winter season, I will also buy Continental tyres. Since the summer ones are so dependable, I expect that the winter tyres will also meet my expectations. By nature, I strive for perfection in everything I do which is why I could not choose otherwise: I buy Continental tyres!" (Jason)

  • "Before buying those tyres I had read numerous opinions online.  most users had been very positive about them. What was an additional argument for the purchase, was the fact that the VW group regularly uses such tyres in their cars. If such a large concern trusted them, then I can too. At the beginning, I was a little worried by the price, however, convinced that the tyres were the only part of the car which has direct contact with the surface, I decided not to save on tyres or look for the cheapest offers from various, sometimes unreliable, suppliers. To this day, the tyres have not disappointed me once; they are quiet during driving and adhesive during emergency braking". (Stan)

3. Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

The British concern’s proposal for the summer season, Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse, is the only representative of the sports segment in the breakdown. It was constructed with dynamic long-distance driving and an aggressive driving style in mind.

The tight structure of side zones helps minimise deformations caused by high-speed driving. Stiffened blocks support the driver during difficult manoeuvres while wide perimeter grooves efficiently prevent aquaplaning.

The modern model offers not only sports parameters but also a high comfort of driving and environmentally-friendly operation.


Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse


Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse is a versatile and very safe tyre recommended by 96% of our users. 

Here are a few opinions:

  • "Dry or wet, slow or fast, it makes no difference for this tyre. I will not elaborate on how well the tyre sticks to the road on narrow bends at 140 km/h because I do not have such experiences. If you are looking for a dependable tyre which you can rely on during your daily (which does not mean slow) trips, I firmly recommend it. It is worth noting that audible noise for this model begins at 130 km/h, however, it was never something that bothered me during a 6-hour drive". (Peter T)

  • "I have driven nearly 10,000 km on these tyres, with almost no wear or tear. Although I mostly drive on motorways. I bought them on oponeo, at a very attractive price, which is one more reason why I cannoy say a single bad word about them. Not only are they branded tyres which look very nice, they also handle both dry and wet surfaces very well (they drain water perfectly, even during heavy rain)". (Mattie)

  • "I am an experienced driver and I have used up quite a few tyres. I have always used premium class tyres but never Dunlops. I had heard different opinions about them - some positive, some negative, until I decided to try them out myself. And I hit the jackpot. The tyres are very quiet, they stick to the road perfectly on both dry and wet surfaces. I sincerely recommend them". (Johny)

4. Uniroyal RainExpert 3

The model which landed just below the podium is Uniroyal RainExpert 3, manufactured by a producer deemed a true rain conditions expert. And this is no exaggeration.

The third generation of the RainExpert series applies a unique “Shark Skin” technology imitating the structure of shark skin. This enables the tread to quickly drain lingering water, preventing uncontrolled skidding during driving. The modern design also ensures prolonged and trouble-free operation.


Uniroyal RainExpert 3


The summer season means not only high temperatures and hot asphalt but also heavy rainfall. According to our users, Uniroyal RainExpert 3 handles such conditions perfectly:

  • "When buying it, I didn’t hope to get such a good product for that price. It handles wet surfaces perfectly. Even large puddles pose no problems. The tyres are also very efficient on dry roads, but I have the impression that they prefer wet surfaces. Swerving, driving on straight roads and even emergency braking in the rain pose no problems as they stick to the asphalt like no other. I sincerely recommend them". (Gregor)

  • "As a long-time driver, I have tested numerous tyres, always buying the most expensive models. This time I was looking for something with a universal tread. Living in the mountains, I sometimes have to drive through mud or wet grass. Subaru 4x4 works perfectly with these tyres, I give 5/5 points. To sum up, it is not worth overpaying. I sincerely recommend Rain 3". (M4NNY)

5. Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde

The breakdown of the best models according to the drivers’ opinions ends with a tyre offered by one of the most experienced manufacturers on the market - Pirelli. The Italian brand has been renowned for its summer products, offering exceptional performance and very attractive design.

P1 Cinturato Verde was designed with the natural environment in mind – both in terms of production and later operation. Asymmetrical tread structure is intended to minimise rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption and harmful dioxide emissions. The car uses less energy, which is advantageous both for the driver’s wallet and nature.


Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde


However, Pirelli P1 Cinturato is not only an environmentally-friendly tyre; this model also magnificently represents the premium segment. Its exceptional parameters have been appreciated by our drivers, who gave it over 450 opinions, most of which are extremely positive.

  • "I think those are the best tyres I have ever had - the way they handle rain is phenomenal. On my previous tyres, I lost adhesion when driving into puddles at 90 km/h, while on these driving into them at 130 km/h poses no problems. They stick perfectly on bends, and the ABS system has never activated during sudden braking. Having driven several thousand kilometres, I have notice practically no wear of the tread. I recommend these tyres and I will certainly look for Pirelli when buying my next set". (helfik4)

  • "I am delighted - “excellent” rating. The tyres have impressed me ever since I started driving on them. At motorway speed, they are much quieter than my previous ones. They maintain the required trajectory, both on straight roads and on bends. The tread structure drains water perfectly even during heavy rain". (J.B.)


summer tyres
The label is an important source of information about tyres.


How to choose the best tyres?

Before you buy any tyres, it is recommended to research them in various sources. It is worth reading opinions of other users who have used the given tyre model on a daily basis and know its upsides and downsides best.

Another crucial source of information are organisations and automotive magazines, which publish rankings and seasonal test results. It is best to confront the test results with opinions of actual users to see if they coincide.

It is also worth reading the information provided on the tyre label. This is where you will find out more about the level of noise produced by the given model, its fuel efficiency and how it handles wet surfaces.