Just before entering the summer season, we list the best rated tyres, based on reviews from drivers themselves. We analysed reviews posted between January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2020 to find the best rated models. So, which summer tyres in the size 195/65 R15 had the most positive reviews?

195/65 R15 tyres fitted on Ford Focuses195/65 R15 tyres are often fitted on Ford Focuses (photo: www.ford.com)

195/65 R15 summer tyres ranked by Oponeo users

The 195/65 R15 tyre size is one of the most popular in our store. The fact that they can be fitted onto Volkswagen Passats, Vauxhall Astras, Renault Meganes, Ford Focuses, Skoda Octavias or Kia Ceeds largely contributes to their popularity. 

Interestingly, as years go by, our customers still seem to stick to their favourites. The top 5 tyre models continue to be the same, although there was a slight shuffle on our list.

If you don't know which tyre size to choose - use the tyre size calculator. All you need to know is  the basic information about your car. After you find the correct size, you can start looking for tyres tailored to your car.

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse (5.45)

This year it was Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse that was rated the most recommendable 195/65 R15 tyre. For several years, this model has been regularly recommended by both drivers and automotive organisations. So, what makes it so popular?

 Drivers expect their tyres’ parameters to be premium class. And with Dunlop this is what they get, especially since these tyres were first designed for demanding sports cars. The SP Sport Bluresponse has a perfect grip on dry surfaces, at high speeds and protects the car from aquaplaning during rainfall. These are just a few of the advantages of this model from the German manufacturer.

Drivers also pay attention to stable maneuvering, high durability and reduced fuel consumption. The Dunlop tyre caters to these requirements due to the refined design and tread, which is also aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some quotes from our customers:

After fitting the new Dunlop SP Sport tyres, driving is now a pleasure. Safe in all weather conditions, the car sticks to the road like super glue :) And they give my ordinary Fiesta a sporty look and +50 to power! ;) If you’re looking for tyres with excellent specs, you've come to the right place. I don't regret a penny spent on them. It's worth spending a little extra to have top-shelf tyres, and Dunlop is known for their reliability. I definitely recommend the tyres! [WBP]

After driving about 12 thousand km in various conditions, mainly highways and cities, I can say that these are one of the best tyres I have had. I will probably get a set for my second car. They’re a lot quieter than the previous ones I had, they stick to the surface well and corner well even on flooded surfaces. I also noticed a slight decrease in fuel consumption. As for durability, it’s difficult to judge at this time, but I can’t see any excessive deterioration. All around good tyres, I would recommend them. [Christopher]

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (5.4)

Another advancement on our list - this model jumped up from fourth place to second. It’s the Uniroyal RainExpert 3 rain tyre. Although it’s classified in the medium price range, the popularity of the whole series proves that high quality and competitive performance can be offered at a good price.

What makes this tyre stand out is its highest level of safety when driving on wet surfaces. The Shark Skin technology effectively drains water from under the tyres. As a consequence, the car doesn’t slide and traction control is maintained. On dry surfaces, the RainExpert 3 does as well as on wet surfaces.

Parameters such as: low rolling resistance reducing fuel consumption, longevity or driving comfort are also mentioned among the advantages of the RainExpert 3.

Here are a few examples of positive reviews:

Uniroyal tyres work great for me. Probably their biggest advantage is that when it rains, the difference between driving on dry surfaces is practically unnoticeable. I’ve never skidded. The price and other parameters are great, I can recommend them with a clear conscience. [Paulo Paulo]

It’s a good tyre. For this price category it’s really good on both dry surfaces and in wet conditions. The tyre wear, when driving reasonably, is certainly acceptable. I would definitely recommend these tyres, especially for their safety specs. [Daniel D.]

Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance (5.4)

Even though this American tyre triumphed last year, it dropped to third place this year. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a brilliant tyre. 

This tyre helps to shorten the braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces, which is extremely important for the safety of all traffic participants. The asymmetrical tread ensures a stable grip when cornering. Also it’s important to note that the manufacturer didn’t compromise, and the brilliant grip doesn’t exclude features such as economy and durability.

The WearControl technology is designed to ensure that the tyre performs perfectly during the entire course of its life cycle. Do Goodyear promises translate into reality? Here are some of our customers’ opinions:

I’d definitely recommend these tyres. My fuel usage has dropped by about 0.4 liters, and they stick to the road perfectly in both wet and dry conditions. They’re great tyres for everyday driving, I’ve already done 20,000 km on them already. [Peter]

The tyre looks great. The long grooves make it work well on wet roads and its modern design makes the rolling resistance reduce fuel consumption by 0.5l / 100km. I highly recommend these tyres for both fast and slow driving. [Mario]

Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde (5.35)

The Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde advanced from fifth place to fourth. What distinguishes it from other models is the idea that guided its designers. They wanted to create an ecological tyre, which meant changes both at the production stage and in the parameters of the final product. 

The Italian brand definitely succeeded by creating a tyre that is durable, long lasting and has a low rolling resistance, reducing the car’s carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

These are premium tyres, which have an excellent grip even when driving fast. The model works well in normal summer conditions, when the roads are dry and people tend to drive slightly faster, as well as when it rains, when the tyres have to deal with excess water on the road. They also are very quiet and their outside noise is hardly noticeable. 

So what did our customers have to say about the Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde? Check it out:

I’m very impressed, especially after driving on wet roads. Sometimes I don’t even notice that it has rained and I only feel sorry for pedestrians who get splashed :) The tyres hold very well to the road surface and work well on long journeys. [Milena]

I am very happy with my purchase. Pirelli tyres are excellent in every aspect. They perform well when driving on both sunny and rainy days. The tyres stick to the road well, and they’re not noisy. After driving several thousand km, the tyres are like new, I haven't noticed any tread loss. I really recommend these tyres and I will definitely look at Pirelli next time too. [RafGre]

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 (5.35)

Despite coming fifth, the 195/65 R15 Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is a great tyre. It made this list after all. In general the ContiPremiumContact is one of our highest rated tyre models.

This design masterpiece uses solutions that were first created for sports cars. Optimised side zones and just the right flexibility ensure safety when accelerating and braking. At the same time, the risk of deformities is minimised.

The handling is therefore precise, the ride stable and the tyres durable. The tyres do well on both dry and wet surfaces, thanks to their multidimensional tread grooves. They’re also very quiet, as the Whisper Bar technology ensures peaceful travel.

Here is a review to prove it:

Great tyres for all weather conditions. Whenever I cross a puddle I don't feel any resistance - they drain water so well. The car’s movement is very predictable and stable. They behave well even on uneven surfaces - after a few hairy experiences with my previous tyres, I’m pleasantly surprised. The car drives smoothly, nothing jerks or bumps. At high speeds I feel confident and the noise level is low and not disturbing. I also have the Continental winter tyres and in both cases I’m happy with my choice. [Arthur F.]

How to choose the best tyres for your car?

Tyres with parameters tailored to your car, driving style and roads are the base of your safety and of those around you. The opinions of other drivers are just one of the factors that should affect your final choice.

What else should you look out for when shopping for tyres?

Seasonal tests - you should read up on these tests that are regularly carried out by organisations dealing with traffic, such as ADAC, ACE, GTU. 

Tyre markings - each tyre has a label on which you can find the basic information about its parameters. This allows you to objectively compare models from a specific size range. This data can also be found on our website under the "EU label" tab, located next to the description of each product.