What tyre size for my car?

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The tyre size is given on the side wall of your tyre

There are several ways to find out what tyre size fits your vehicle.
The easiest is to have a look at the tyres of your car.Try and find a sequence of numbers and letter, like:205/55R16 91H or 195/65R15 91T.
If the car was bought new, you can be sure that the size is right.Otherwise, you should verify the size and speed index installed on your car with the values approved by the manufacturer.

Tyre size – guidelines for car manufacturers

An alternative would be to look for the size in your car manual.This is usually given in the chapter containing the technical specifications.


What tyre size is right for my car?Check the wheel.

Another place to look for it is the fuel cap.In some cars, the information is given on the side sill on the driver's side or the pillar behind the driver, or on the inside of the driver’s door (near the lock assembly).

Tyre size – other sources of information


What tyre size fits my car? Check the manual.

You can also find the information about the tyre size recommended by the manufacturer for your car:

Remember to observe the tyre size approved (recommended) by the manufacturer for your vehicle. Only the approved size guarantee safety and full performance.

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