Best 195/60 R15 winter tyres according to drivers

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Are you wondering which tyres to choose for the upcoming season? Don’t know which model will be the best solution for your vehicle? Check which tyres were considered the best by other drivers – you will certainly find something for yourself!

We have taken into account five models sized 195/60 R15 that received top ratings from the users. We will compare those tyres for you and verify if they are trusted by our customers  also in other sizes.


Winter tyres should guarantee stable driving on snow (photo by Nokian).

The 195/60 R15 tyres are used in such cars as: Volvo V70, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla and Opel Astra.

The best 195/60 R15 winter tyres according to drivers

Tyre model Score Our offer
Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 5.4 (see reviews) See offer
Nokian WR D3 5.3 (see reviews) See offer
Kleber KRISALP HP 2 5.0 (see reviews) See offer
Goodyear EAGLE UG GW3 4.9 (see reviews) See offer
Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 4.9 (see reviews) See offer

* the ratings and number of reviews refer to the presented tyre size; the overall rating for a specific model may slightly differ from the one presented.
Status as of September 2016.

Safety and stability on snow

We will start with Continental ContiWinterContact TS850. The tyre sized 195/60 R15 was rated 5.4. Looking at its reviews in other sizes, the tyre got as many as 490 opinions and its rating is comparable to the one of 195/60 R15: 5.3

See ContiWinterContact TS850 tyres

The drivers appreciate ContiWinterContact TS850 especially for its behaviour on a dry surface and safety of travel. At the same time, as much as 97% of users who evaluated the tyre would recommend it to others.

The model was designed for compact and medium-class cars, so it performs very well in a typical urban driving. Curbs, sudden manoeuvres or unexpected braking – ContiWinterContact TS850 will not disappoint you in such circumstances. Its designers didn’t also forget to increase the total length of the sipes. Consequently, the water drainage is quicker and the tyre ensures better grip on a wet road or snow.

Tough conditions? Not a problem for Nokian WR D3

The second place in the rank was awarded to Nokian WR D3. The 195/60 R15 tyre was rated 5.3, reviewed by 24 drivers. The model received the same rating when we take into account all the sizes. Overall, on our website it was rated by nearly 800 drivers, out of whom over 300 awarded the maximum possible grade.

See Nokian WR D3 tyres

Just as all Nokian winter tyres, this model is also unrivalled in difficult weather conditions – it was designed for severe Scandinavian weather.

With these tyres, you can feel secure no matter the surface. The compound used for its design is exceptionally durable and adapts to the prevailing temperatures.

If you choose winter tyres mostly for the comfort of driving, this model is just for you. With the Silent Sidewall technology, the tyre is unusually smooth in operation, and you may enjoy the silence inside.

See Kleber KRISALP HP 2 tyres

The third position in the rank was taken by Kleber KRISALP HP 2. It is the only medium-class product in our summary. 513 drivers cannot be wrong – the tyre ensures safety, comfort and economic driving. The average rating in the tested size is 5.0 (with 4.9 for all the sizes). It is a proposal for all who drive mostly in the city and are looking for an affordable solution for the winter.

No matter the weather, straight to destination

The penultimate place in the drivers’ rank was given to Goodyear EAGLE UG GW3. The parameter rated highest was the absorption of surface irregularities. The drivers posting their reviews on our website mostly criticise these tyres for their performance off the road and outside the city.


See Goodyear EAGLE UG GW3 tyres

The tyre was rated 4.9 (with 19 reviews for this size and 131 overall). What are its qualities? Stable driving on different surfaces. It will help you get anywhere in winter, regardless of weather conditions.

There are also very good ratings for economy class models – the last of the highly rated winter tires sized 195/60 R15 is Zeetex Ice-Plus S100. It is a special proposal for those who prefer economic solutions. With the use of optimised tread shape, the model ensures good performance in any conditions. The tyre was rated 4.9 (with 4.8 overall for the model) by 639 users.

“They are my first winter tyres and until now I am satisfied. I bought my car with summer tyres that were already quite worn out. After changing into Zeetex, I noted a reduced fuel consumption, which to me proves low rolling resistance” – it is just one of several hundred favourable reviews.

How to choose your tyres?

We have presented 5 models which according to our customers would perform best in every-day use. How to choose the best of them? First of all, you have to take into account your needs and driving style. Learn the drivers’ reviews on a particular model, read something more about it and make sure this is the model you need. Check if the tyre was tested by prestigious automotive associations and magazines. This way you will compare the ratings given by the drivers and by professionals.
Another guidance is the labels on the tyres. They normally do not inform about winter performance, but you will learn something more about braking on a wet surface, noise or fuel efficiency. Are you still not sure what to choose? Call us. Our consultants will help you analyse the available options and make the right choice.

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