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Snow Chains

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Snow Chains for Cars
Snow chains

Basic information

Before you make a choice, get acquainted with basic information about snow chains listed below.

  • When you choose snow chains, take into consideration the size of your tyres. If you use a different tyre size than the one recommended in your car’s manual, you might have some difficulties with matching snow chains.
  • Check the suspension height of your car – if you want to use snow chains, you should have approx. 2-4 inches spare.
  • When you drive with snow chains, do not exceed the max. speed permitted by a producer (usually  approx. 25 mph).
  • Don't forget to remove chains if you don’t drive on ice and snow-capped surface.
  • Don't be misled by low prices!  Snow chains only by renowned producers have an appropriate width as they are produced from steel alloy (nickel- chrome -manganese).


How do you fit snow chains?

Fitting snow chains is not as difficult as it may appear at first. To ensure your maximum comfort, you should first practice fitting your snow chains calmly at home. In this way you will not be so stressed before driving on snow covered mountain roads.


Step 1

Unpack chains. Grab the hoop and spread the chain by shaking. Place it beneath a wheel as a picture suggests.


Step 2

Grab both ends of the chain and lift them to face top centre of a wheel and connect the cable. After that attach the chain to the appropriate hooks.


Step 3

Push the hoop towards the inner sidewall of a wheel and attach the chain to the appropriate hooks.


Step 4

Hook the tensioning chain in an appropriate place. After a short ride, double-check if the chain is settled and tightened accordingly.



This guidance is based on the Pewag Sportmatik fitting instruction. The fitting instruction might be different for particular chain types. Get acquainted with an instruction of your own chain beforehand.

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